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In Stock: Laser Eye Shields (Patients)

適用於各種波長的去斑或脫毛激光療程,例如1064nm, 532nm, 694nm, 755nm, 808nm, 1450n, 1927nm, 2940nm, 10600nm等

Suitable for all kinds of laser treatments, such as pigment removal or hair removal laser treatments.


Prices for metal and plastic eye shields are different, please call us for enquiry.


*Photos are for reference only, actual product may vary

Patient Eye Shields激光眼罩 【訂金】(病人)

SKU: 202208PE9933
  • 病人佩戴

    Patient External Eye Shields

    金屬款 或 塑膠款 (現貨)

    Choice of Metal or Plastic (In Stock)

  • 香港免費送貨。

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